That Friday When We Lost You, Forever.

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It was a usual weekday evening, talking before going to bed with my girlfriend, Tish about how the day went by, how could it be better if not for the annoying officemates or just about the future plans with the upcoming holidays. She asked me how I was feeling going home for the upcoming holy week,

“It would be nicer if not for the weather” I said.

I asked her back if she wanted to come with me, knowing when she comes back, workload would be a pain in her ass. We kissed and hugged each other until we fell asleep.

I believe it was half hour past 3 in the morning the next day when I felt my phone vibrating, and judging by the way it vibrated, it was not a normal notification, it was a call from my father,

“Awan y Dadda ngin.” (Dadda’s gone)

Suddenly, I was…

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